Buying Guide


Purchase Process

Buying a home is a big deal.  We want to help you understand the process, and relieve any anxiety you may have about achieving your homeownership goals.  Your d’aprile properties agent knows the nuances of each stage, and will confidently guide you each and every step of the way.

Purchasing a home is about making decisions. Let’s start by asking the right kind of questions:

  • How much do I want to spend, in the end?
  • What about maintenance costs, taxes, and improvements?
  • Does the neighborhood meet all of my needs?
  • What are my must haves: for example, a finished basement or an open floor plan?
  • Is the location reasonable for my commute to work?

Your d’aprile properties agent will provide you with the latest market information to help you refine your search criteria, even at this early stage of the process. 


A mortgage pre-approval is an essential tool during your home search. Knowing how much you can realistically finance will make your search far more productive. Submitting a pre-approval letter along with your offer to purchase a new home helps to cement your status as a qualified buyer in the eyes of the seller. It is uncommon for a seller or seller’s agent to engage in a negotiation unless they have written proof of your pre-approved status. Prepare yourself accordingly, and meet with a mortgage professional early. 


Sign up and search properties via this website, then save the ones that truly appeal to you. Your d’aprile properties agent will review each, and share vital property information with you: price history, neighborhood details, and nearby plans for development. This will help you narrow your focus toward only those homes that fit your personal needs.

Now it’s time to hit the road and do some house hunting! When visiting potential homes, don’t be shy. In fact, be direct with with your agent, so they can help refine the properties they search and suggest to you. Once your desired home has been identified, you’re ready to make an offer!


Your d’aprile properties agent will review the property, and share market details with you, in order to craft the appropriate offer. Your offer contract will include items such as purchase price, earnest money amounts, and your desired closing date. Your agent will serve as your contractual expert, and continue to follow through with the negotiations until an agreement is reached. Once you have an accepted offer, you are officially under contract!


Prior to the closing, your agent will guide you on one final walk through of your new home. Take the time to ensure the home is still in the expected condition. Once at the table, your job is simply to read and sign the closing papers! Unless otherwise agreed upon, you will walk away from the table with the keys to your new home. Congratulations are in order!

At d’aprile properties, we take great pride in the reputation we have built, based equally on our tireless work ethic, as well as our moral integrity. Let d’aprile find you the perfect home. All you need to do is start making memories.