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Buying Guide


Buying a home is a big deal. We want to help you understand the process and relieve any anxiety you may have about achieving your homeownership goals.  

Your d’aprile properties agent knows the nuances of each stage, and will confidently guide you each and every step of the way.  We've gathered some essential details to help familiarize you with the process of buying your next home.


Purchasing a home is about making decisions. How much do I want to spend? What amount of carrying costs for maintenance, taxes, and improvements am I comfortable with? Is a big fireplace more important than an open floor plan? Does the location meet all of my family’s needs?

Take some time to outline what you want, and then examine your finances to make sure they are in alignment. Be prepared for these parameters to change as you move through the home search stage, and gather more information on the current real estate market.

Consult with a d’aprile properties agent. They can provide you with the latest marketing information to help you refine your search criteria, even at this early stage of the process. You’ll already be ahead of the game! Not ready to speak with an agent yet? That’s ok. Take a moment to register for a d’aprile properties account through the “Connect” button on the right. Through your account, you can save searches, set your communication preferences to receive alerts when new homes match your criteria and add properties you like to your favorites.

Get pre-approved for a loan with Midwest Lending Corporation. This certification will become essential once you begin seriously viewing homes to buy. A pre-approval letter from a certified lender presents you as a serious and capable buyer to a seller, who will likely be considering multiple offers on their property. Midwest Lending offers pre-approval services for a variety of loans, specifically tailored to your financial situation. Your d’aprile properties agent will be happy to introduce you to a Midwest Lending mortgage professional, or you can simply visit their website and follow the on-screen instructions to get pre-approved for a loan.


You search and save the properties you find online. Your d’aprile properties agent will review and share vital property information - price history, neighborhood details, zoning issues and nearby plans for development - helping you narrow your search to only those homes that fit you and your individual needs.

When visiting potential homes, be direct with with your agent so they can help refine the properties they suggest to you. Building an intimate knowledge of what matters most to you and your family allows your agent to provide maximum value.

Once your desired home has been identified, you’re ready to make an offer.

The Offer and Negotiation

Your d’aprile properties agent will review the property and market details with you, in order to craft the appropriate offer. Your offer contract can include items such as purchase price, earnest money amounts, specifications for inspections, and your desired closing date. Your agent will serve as your contractual expert, and continue to follow through with the negotiations until an agreement is reached.

While your agent will break down the terms, be sure to review all contracts personally and familiarize yourself with changes made to the offer. Once your offer has been accepted, you will be well on your way to home-ownership! Of course, your d’aprile agent will be there to guide you through this crucial stage of the home buying process. If you choose at this time to retain the services of a real estate attorney to assist in the conclusion of the transaction, your agent will coordinate their efforts to bring you straight through to your closing date.

Secure your Financing

Your pre-approval was the first step in your financing process. Once your offer is accepted you will work with your lender to complete and submit any additional documents needed to secure your loan. If you haven’t completed your application and submitted all the required documentation to your loan officer, complete these steps now so your loan can be approved.

It is very important that you do not make changes to your financial situation during the loan process. Pay your bills on time. Don’t move your money between accounts, or make large purchases, like a new car. These actions can delay, or even negate your loan approval process.

The Closing

Prior to the closing, your agent will guide you on a final walk through of your new home. Take the time to ensure the home is in the expected condition, and that all appliances and fixtures included in the purchase are still inside. You can expect a number of people to attend the closing, but each is different, and varies based on location.

You can expect a combination of any at the table: the seller, buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, buyer’s attorney, and/or seller’s attorney. The title company representative and mortgage loan officer may also be in attendance.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, you will walk away with your new keys to your new home. Congratulations!