Moving Checklist


Once you’ve purchased a new home, the only thing left to do is move in! But the process actually begins long before the big day.


Depending on your timeline, we recommend incorporating some or all of the following steps:

6 - 7 weeks before your move

  • Ask your d’aprile properties agent for a referral to a moving company.
  • Create a “Change of Address” folder where you can place copies of bills, bank statements and magazines you’ll want to contact to update your address.  Write online locations on the folder.
  • Contact moving companies and start to get some estimates for your move.

5 – 6 weeks before your move

  • Decide what items you will take with you. Develop a plan to donate or sell your unwanted items.
  • Begin packing any seasonal or limited use items. Leave anything expensive or fragile for the moving company to make sure it will be covered by insurance.
  • If you’re moving far or changing school systems, request school and health records and research services in the new location.

4-5 weeks before your move

  • Start to use up stored food items and cleaning supplies. Your moving company may not move many of these items – especially chemicals and flammables.
  • Try to limit purchases that you’ll need to give or throw away in a couple of weeks.
  • Consider sending a moving announcement to friends and family.
  • Keep cleaning! You’ll want to avoid moving dirt from one location to the next or paying to move items that you won’t need in the new location.

3 – 4 weeks before your move

  • Complete an official change of address form through the United States Postal System.
  • Start contacting businesses and online accounts to make address changes.
  • Arrange for time off at work to care for children and pets during the days surrounding the move.
  • Confirm your mover and make sure all paperwork is correct.
  • Double check that your insurance coverage is properly set up.
  • If you live in a condo, review your move-out policies, arrange payment for any fees, and reserve freight elevators if necessary.

2-3 weeks before your move

  • Cancel newspaper and magazine deliveries and make arrangement for services in the new location.
  • Collect your valuables and jewelry into one location and plan on moving those items personally or through a registered and insured shipping service.
  • Make an inventory of any valuable or antique items. Photograph or video these items, noting any existing damage. A quality moving company should also do their own inventory of these items, but having your own never hurts.

2 weeks before your move

  • Fill prescriptions for all family members and pull together a moving day emergency kit with aspirin, Band-Aids, etc.
  • Pack a “Last Load” box. Include paper towels, toilet paper, soap and anything you might need the first day in your new home. This will be the last box put onto the truck and the first removed.
  • Locate any appliance manuals or warranties for items you’re leaving behind and place them in a packet for the new owners.

1 week before your move

  • Arrange to have utilities turned off or transferred one day after your move out. Don’t forget to have the utilities turned on before your arrival in your new home too!
  • Have family members pack a suitcase as if they were going on vacation for 2 weeks. Pack enough clothes for any occasion. Ensure family members have included all necessary medications and toiletries. Nothing is worse than not having your toothbrush at the end of a long moving day!
  • Properly dispose of any paint or flammable items the movers will not take.
  • Confirm your move date and insurance information with your chosen moving company.
  • Schedule a cleaning service to come and clean your home after the movers leave.
  • Take a moment to remember fond memories created in your home and get excited about all the new ones yet to come!