Home Valuation


At d’aprile properties, we understand the true meaning of value. Your home is more than just a financial investment - it is a place where you have built lasting memories with friends and family.


Your d’aprile properties agent understands this. But when it comes to managing the emotions of selling your home, there is no better place to start than with its listing price. Your d'aprile agent will incorporate data from several areas in order to help establish the most likely sales price for your home. 

Recent Comparable Sales

  • Recent sales data is what both buyers and mortgage lenders use to establish the market value of your home. Pricing will be dependent on whether or not the market value is trending positively in your neighborhood.

Current, Competing Listings

  • Other homes for sale in your area or neighborhood also impact the most applicable sales price. These are properties that potential buyers will also be considering during their home search. The number and price of these other homes will have an impact on the market for your own. Your d’aprile properties agent will review these, but take some time to visit an Open House and see the comparison yourself.

Property Location & Condition

  • Location, location, location. That’s the real estate mantra. The location of your home doesn’t wholly determine its value, but it is definitely a key factor in the eyes of potential buyers. The condition of your home will also impact the recommended listing price. Will your home be competing against one of similar size and location, but with recently renovated kitchen and baths?

It can be tempting to include the emotional value of your home in the initial list price. But marketing a home above what the hard numbers dictate can result in more time spent on the market, and a lower sales price in the end. 

Your d’aprile properties agent will recommend a pricing strategy to maximize the visibility and attractiveness of your home to buyers, while still accomplishing the goals you and your family set forth from day one.


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