Training and Support 




Every agent receives our extensive Training Program, introducing the tools and technology that will allow you to stand out in the industry.  Our ‘JumpStart’ training - a program that both new and experienced real estate agents find incredibly helpful – was designed to fill in the real world knowledge and experience gaps that state licensing programs tend to leave out.

Ongoing meetings include:                        

  • Topic Meetings
    Each of our offices hold weekly meetings to discuss topics to supplement your industry knowledge and training.  A great opportunity to interact and discuss best practices with your colleagues.
  • Office Software Class
    We offer classes throughout the year to help you develop your technology skills, in both webinar and in-person presentation formats. 
  • d’aprile University
    Having difficulty with a tool or resource we offer?  Our highly trained staff is always available to guide you through any aspect of your business.  Our d’aprile University instructors visit each office regularly, allowing everyone to benefit from this one-on-one support program.
  • Summit Meeting
    Summit is our all-company meeting and celebration, highlighted by featured inspirational speakers who help foster our desire to grow and expand.  We review our successes, discuss new programs, and plan for the future - all while celebrating our individual and collective accomplishments.

Our curiosity and our desire for knowledge extend well beyond our offices.  Our team is constantly sharing new tools, great books, and sources of inspiration with fellow team members. Through collaboration and support, we strengthen the team while growing individually.