About Us 


Here at d’aprile properties, we do things a little different. Our company was created to foster ideas, and inspire collaboration throughout our entire team.  In this unique culture, our agents are able to achieve each and every one of their own professional goals, while always delivering a singular client experience. 

We strive to continually improve ourselves, our businesses, and the communities we serve. Our foundation was built upon the kaleidoscope of neighborhoods that make up the great city of Chicago, allowing us a unique insight into the broad spectrum of our clients’ wants and needs. 

But as we’ve grown, down the paths of Geneva Lake to the summer home communities of Long Beach, Indiana and Grand Beach, Michigan, the success of our experienced associates has solidified d’aprile as the go-to brokerage throughout the Midwest. We’re your neighbor. We’re your confidant. We’re your expert negotiator. And most importantly, we’re your friend and advocate – your home’s biggest fan.

Make Your Next Move with Us.