Life is Always Changing... Growing up in the Delavan and Geneva Lakes area truly has been a blessing. There are so many opportunities for becoming part of this welcoming community. Get involved with the ever-changing entertainment scene, participate in social events and start volunteering. My life experiences and careers have been centered around serving others. As an educator, youth director and director of religious education, I have been involved in numerous service projects throughout my life. From church clean-up, high school mission trips to serving people in a village in Haiti, being involved with helping others becomes part of your identity. My career began as an educator at St. Andrew School in Delavan teaching fifth graders. It was an exciting time to be in the classroom year after year in the presence of so many talented children. The rewards are never-ending, as I run into several of my previous students, now adults, and enjoy reliving the past. Plus, it is an amazing feeling to know you had a small part in who they have become and look forward to seeing their success in the future. My next adventure led me to children of all ages as director of religious education at St. Benedict’s in Fontana. Many fond memories were involved with community service, several mission trips, building church activities and being a part in building a strong church community. Becoming a realtor has opened the door to the possibility of changing somebody’s life on a daily basis. A realtor is about more than closing a transaction, it is about building and trusting the relationship you have with people in your community. Playing an active part in helping someone to sell or buy their home has been a great experience. One that I hope to continue for many years. Owning a home is a possibility. Don’t wait. Make your dream come true today.