I have always been someone that loves to serve people. My life’s general theme of service has always been prevalent. As a leader in a corporate setting, as a friend, son, partner, and confidant since I was 20 years old I knew my life would lead to serving people in making their real estate dreams come true. Whether it be serving as a leader in a corporate setting or serving as a friend, son, partner or confidant. As a true Chicagoan I have had the pleasure of growing up in the southern suburbs but living my adult life in the city. This has given me the confidence to be able to serve clients in all different types of real estate transactions. I even had the opportunity to live in Washington D.C. – but my immense love from Chicago quickly drew me back after about a year and a half. While in real estate I am most proud of my simple yet strong process which helps support buyers and sellers alike. Early stages of my process include truly understanding the way a client likes to communicate. Keeping the process streamlined, easy to follow and most important customer centric is what has led to such a successful career. This motivated my choice to join d’aprile properties. The support system I have with colleagues and corporate partners alike has led to a warm, cohesive environment. This cohesion has fostered a place where agents can come together, collaborate and ultimately do the best by their clients. I feel so thankful to be able to serve my community, friends and family. I am truly living a dream, and that dream resonates within every transaction. The key to a successful transaction is being aware that each situation is different and being able to handle things that arise on the fly. I am honored at the opportunity to serve you.