Home For Our Troops and #daprilecares: Rebuilding Hope

The word ‘home’ means different things to different people. To some, it’s simply where they lie down to sleep at night. To others it’s where they were raised, the place that gave birth to their earliest and most cherished memories.

But to the hundreds of thousands of our US military women and men stationed overseas, the concept of home represents something much bigger. Each and every day, they sacrifice precious time spent in their physical home, in order to strengthen and protect the one that we, as Americans, all proudly share. Whereas most of us long to return to our own house after a hard day, our service men and women spend their nights yearning simply to get back to their friends and family, and the very nation they call home.

In 2018, d’aprile properties has proudly partnered with Home For Our Troops, widely recognized as one of America’s Top-Rated Veterans and Military Charities for seven consecutive years. A privately funded nonprofit organization, they build and donate specifically adapted custom homes nationwide to post-9/11 veterans with significant injuries.

Their aim is simple: honor the sacrifice of these amazing individuals by restoring their freedom and independence, enabling them to rebuild their lives back home. To date, HFOT has built 250 specially adapted houses nationwide, with another 90 veterans on their current project list.

Through our #daprilecares program, d’aprile properties has pledged to do whatever it can to help ensure that this fantastic organization gets the funding and support it so richly deserves. Through the combined efforts of our individual Agents and staff, we hope to do whatever we can to impact the lives of these veterans, who have selflessly given so much to protect our freedom.

Our motto has always been, “Charity Begins at Home.”  But the idea of ‘home’ has to go beyond brick and mortar. It must be expanded, to represent the sense of community that all of us, as Americans, strive for.  It means doing what we can to help others feel safe, supported, and valued. It’s about making people whole again.

We hope that you will join us on this journey. If you would like to help our cause, please visit our donation page, at https://daprilepropertieshhprealestate.myhfotusa.org/