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At d’aprile properties, we feel that the word ‘community’ means more than a subdivision or zip code. A community is defined by the character of its people – a combination of work ethic, pride, and spirit that brings everyone together, in a place they happily call home.  That’s why we’ve created ‘Locales’, a series that highlights vendors, businesses, and organizations who stand out in their respective communities through their passion and purpose.

May we introduce you to:

On Tour Brewing Company

THEIR STORY: For Owner/Founder Mark Legenza, it began as a hobby, brewing homemade beer in his garage with friends for eight years. That hobby quickly became a passion, and after winning home-brewing awards at both the local and national level, gave him confidence that he could successfully open his own place. Today, that passion has become a lifestyle, as this third-generation Chicagoan has returned home to open On Tour Brewing Company along West Hubbard Street. Once an area known for its industrial factories and warehouses, the emergence of several local breweries has locals referring to this West Town neighborhood as ‘The Brewing District’.

THEIR VIBE: A wide variety of carefully crafted beers is what brings you in the door, but for the team at On Tour, there is more to the experience than barley and hops. “When you host a party at your house, there are certain things you have to provide your guests: cleanliness, hospitality, and a nice, comfortable space that has something for everyone,” Legenza says. “My wife and I are always the ones hosting parties, and I wanted to bring that same at-home feeling to your local brewery.” On Tour is immaculately clean, and kid-friendly. But what makes it unique is the enormous garage door that, when weather permits, is open wide along a peaceful street, welcoming the sunshine and fresh air to the overall ambiance.

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WHAT’S HOT: Perfect for quenching your thirst, treat yourself to On Tour’s current favorite, Cities – a goes-down-easy Mexican Lager that Legenza perfectly describes as ‘super-crushable’ on a hot Chicago summer day.

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All photos courtesy of On Tour Brewing Company