d’aprile Locales – Passero – Arlington Heights

At d’aprile properties, we feel that the word ‘community’ means more than a subdivision or zip code. A community is defined by the character of its people – a combination of work ethic, pride, and spirit that brings everyone together, in a place they happily call home.  That’s why we’ve created ‘Locales’, a series that highlights vendors, businesses, and organizations who stand out in their respective communities through their passion and purpose.

May we introduce you to:



A dynamic blend of contemporary American cuisine with a healthy dose of Chicago-style Italian flair, Passero is looking to bring a traditional trattoria feel to downtown Arlington Heights. The impressive and ever-changing menu features handmade pasta and Italian small plates, partnered with classic cocktails and a robust wine list that is second to none.


Passero is the brainchild of Chef Matt Peota – most recently the sous chef for Rick Bayless’ Frontera Hospitality Group – and his wife Rikki. Chef Peota wanted to bring an urban feel to this northwestern suburb, with traditional Italian cuisine inspired by the recipes of his grandmothers. A smaller venue allows for a more intimate atmosphere, as the team at Passero were looking for a space that would catch the eye of curious walk-ins. This has allowed them to truly get to know the community, as their popularity has soared mostly through word-of-mouth.


The new summer menu is here, featuring a delectable market risotto with seared east coast sea scallops, blue pacific shrimp, shaved asparagus, preserved lemon, and fresh herbs. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the amazing maple brined 12 oz. duroc pork chop. Served on heirloom polenta and topped with cherry marmalata and roasted pistachios, this exceptional entree won’t be around for long!



Tuesday – Thursday:4:30 PM – 10 PM
Lunch Fri/Sat:11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Dinner Fri/Sat:4:30 PM – 11 PM
Sunday:4 PM – 9 PM



Seasonal Italian American Cuisine

5 W Campbell St

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

(224) 857-8900

Moving Forward With You

The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore.
— Tony Gwynn, Hall of Fame Baseball player
Time flies when you’re having fun.
This company began with a shared purpose, and a hopeful outlook toward the future. Today, having exceeded the expectations of thousands of clients across the Midwest, and cultivating some of the area’s finest top-producing agents, we are excited to announce that we have made the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the fourth consecutive year.
The organizations included on this list are noted for their dedication to service and innovation, and are championed for their ability to create value and job growth. d’aprile properties is proud to once again be included on this prestigious list.
Our firm dedication to the quality of service we provide has fueled our success – but we won’t stop Moving Forward. We’re committed to providing a unique and wholly satisfying real estate experience to our current and future clients, as well as our amazing team of dedicated agents. We dedicate ourselves to providing our agents the opportunity to take their individual business to new heights.
d’aprile’s foundation was built on a culture of collaboration. While it would be impossible to name each, we’d like to take this moment to thank each and every one of our valued clients, agents, and support team members, whose trust and acceptance of our vision are the exact reason that we do what we do.
We’re honored to have shared this experience with you, and look forward to working with you again in the future!





More Than an Agent – Loreal Urso

At d’aprile properties, our team members are a reflection of the communities we serve. Yes they are real estate agents, but they’re also husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. They are local area experts, because they have a personal investment in the neighborhoods that we call home. 
That’s why we’ve created ‘More Than an Agent’, a series that highlights members of the d’aprile family who serve our communities outside the world of real estate. This week, we’d like you to meet:

Loreal Urso: Real Estate Agent and Professional Horse Trainer

If there is one thing that gives Loreal Urso a great sense of pride, it is her ability to balance her passions in life. Professionally, she is a full-time licensed real estate agent, and a proud member of d’aprile properties. Personally, she has been a professional horse trainer for well over 20 years.



As an agent, she loves to empower her clients by educating them on the real estate process, fully preparing them for one of the biggest decisions of their lives.
But when she takes off her agent hat, she enjoys nothing more than to slip into a saddle. Here she educates as well, preparing some of her customers for competition at local and national levels. But what she really loves is helping people simply enjoy their beloved senior horse as a member of the family, making the most of their time together. And finally, it provides her with another life experience to share with her beautiful daughter, Arianna.


In both arenas, Loreal has managed to build and maintain relationships, some for as long as 20 years. Her trusted clients become trusted friends, in part because they trust her to always look out for their best interests. “My secret lies in building honest and trustworthy relationships, and keeping sacred the values those relationships are built on.”




Mobile Phone: (847) 814-2113








Right Where We’re Supposed To Be

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. –Matsuo Basho

If you were to ask the average agent what the number one rule in real estate is, you will often hear the phrase, “Location, location, location.” Because the perfect home isn’t made up of just brick and mortar – it has to be part of the perfect community as well.

And when you’re a real estate company, the same rule applies to where you decide to place your offices. d’aprile properties could not be more excited to announce that we’ve found the perfect community for its 11th office!

But honestly, where’s the fun in just coming out and telling you? Think you could guess our newest location, based on pictures alone?

We’ll give you some hints. This amazing Chicago suburb can best be described as a ‘big small town’. Home to 40,000 residents, it blurs the line between suburban and rural.

Need more? Our newest home is an important stop on the Union Pacific NW Metra line, where thousands of commuters make the short, 50 mile trip into the heart of the downtown Chicago.

Featuring two of the best public school systems in the region, high-quality municipal services, and one of the lowest tax rates in the area, this beautiful burg takes pride in the amenities it provides its inhabitants.

Oh, and did we mention our office is smack dab in the middle of downtown?

All of this to offer, and we haven’t even talked about the lake. Oh wait…lakes. Sparkling water, pristine beaches, hiking trails, boat rentals, scuba diving, and so much more! Can you guess the spot? Let us know in the comments. It really is “A Good Place to Live!”