2nd City? Try Again.

Chicagoans are a proud people. They take pride in their city, and in the 77 distinct and diverse neighborhoods that form this beautiful tapestry of history, art, and culture. They celebrate tradition while simultaneously looking toward the future, happy to serve as the center of entertainment, hospitality, and industrial innovation for the entire midwest.

It seems as if the rest of the country is taking note.

For the third year in a row, Chicago was named the best big city in the U.S. by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler. A record 600,000 registered voters weighed in, touting the city’s architecture, museums, local cuisine, and limitless craft breweries as major selling points. But the magazine made it a point to touch on one of the more personal aspects of the city, citing its residents as, “some of the most pleasant people you’ll find anywhere.”

In a statement on Monday morning, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot proudly stated, “This wonderful recognition not only reflects the beauty and excitement of our great city, but also our tourism industry’s dedicated efforts to attract people from across the country and around the globe.”

“Chicago will always roll out the welcome mat for visitors and continue showcasing the sights and sounds of our world-class institutions and cultural life throughout our dynamic neighborhoods and communities, as well as in our magnificent downtown.”

Let d’aprile properties be your personal tour guide to all of the wonder that the great city of Chicago holds. Each and every one of our city-based agents is a targeted expert, personally experienced not only with their marketplace, but with the surrounding communities as well. Being part of a community means having a unique grasp of why people are drawn there in the first place — the promise of good people and unique experiences, in a place that feels like home.

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