DOGGONE IT, Time to Move

OK, if you’re the type of person who hates change, raise your hand.

Look, we get it.  Major life changes carry with them a level of uncertainty, and uncertainty can fray your nerves, and cost you precious sleep.  Let’s face it – nothing causes upheaval in your life quite like moving day. Your home, that sanctuary of calm and safety, draped in a blanket of cellophane and stuffed with Styrofoam peanuts. It’s enough to make even the most poker-faced among us twitch.

But think about this — if it causes YOU that much stress, what effect is it having on the furriest of your family members?  Whether you realize it or not, your pet is constantly pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down; they read your emotions better than any mood ring. You’ve prepped your human children for the big day, so why would you neglect Mr. Fluffy?

Let us give you a few tips:

Don’t Procrastinate — Pulling an all-nighter to pack the day before is a surefire way to stress your pet out. Pack over time, keeping things as normal as possible. Make sure to leave their bed, water bowl, etc. until the very end. Also, don’t make drastic changes to their routine; feed and walk them as you normally would. And remember to keep their toys, treats, and medication off of the moving truck, and with you for the journey.

Plan Ahead — There’s going to be a lot of traffic in your new home over the first couple of days, which could mean a lot of open doors and windows.  It can be easy for a jittery pet to sneak out, so be sure to update your pets tags with your new address and/or phone number.  Just to be safe, keep a photo of your pet on hand, to show neighbors just in case they choose to hightail it out of there (bad pun intended). 

Help Them Settle, GretelIt’s going to take everyone time to acclimate to their new surroundings, so now is not the time to trust your pets to always make the right choice. Use a leash when exploring their new territory, and try to return home the same way, at least in the beginning. A little routine can go a long way to making them feel comfortable.

By thinking ahead and keeping a positive attitude, you can ensure that everyone – including your favorite furball — settles into your new place quickly and easily.  Let the shedding begin.

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