#daprilecares: Hope Begins with You

They say that charity begins at home. But when that home is beset by an affliction like Type 1 Diabetes, your support of the cause against becomes something more than charity. Instead, it turns into a uniquely personal battle to support and protect the ones you hold most dear. If you’re lucky, your family, your friends, and your community will gather together and stand beside you, to help you fight back in any way that you can.

d’aprile properties is very much a family, and we draw strength by uniting together toward a common goal.  Our team members are professionals and real estate agents, but they are also mothers and fathers. Aunts and uncles. Sisters and brothers. And as T1D has affected our family directly, we are humbled to support a fantastic organization like JDRF, in their efforts to create a world without Type 1 Diabetes.

But in order to reach a happy ending, you need to hear the rest of the story.  With that in mind, over the next several weeks we will be introducing you to some very special members of our family; men, women, and children who fight this good fight each and every day, with a smile on their face.  They hope to inspire others to join them in support of the JDRF One Walk – a family–friendly event that gives people with T1D—and their friends, family and co–workers—the opportunity to raise money for life-changing research.

The event takes place on October 2nd.  If you’d like to take part, please visit the #d’aprile cares Team page, HERE.  And check back with us every Thursday, to meet the most courageous of our family.  

Living with T1D means there are no days off, and there is no cure. But there is hope. By donating or joining our JDRF One Walk® team today, you’ll help fund research to improve the lives of everyone challenged by T1D. With your support, JDRF will turn Type One into Type None

Styling the Exterior of Your Home: Small Changes, Big Impact!

Kelly Hurliman, former fashion stylist to Oprah Winfrey, now a professional interior stylist located in Chicago.  

It’s easy to come home everyday and not see the outside of your home for what it could be. You don’t need to invest big to change the look of a house, and these are some of my favorite tips to help a facade look it’s best.


They may serve a small purpose, but making the front door pretty is not one of them! Your house will simply look better without it. It’s usually an easy removal, a bit of sanding and hopefully you have a nice, solid door behind it. If not, onto #2!



Your front door is one of the bigger aesthetic pieces of the house, and luckily often the easiest to change. If it has a 90’s scroll window, change the window glass to something more classic for an instant update. Boring house? Paint the door a bright color to give it character. I love seeing a bold colored door on an otherwise plain house. Another design trick is to plant the same color flowers in front or in planters to give it an extra dose of style.


I love real wood shutters but the cost and care vs. vinyl is hard to beat. They come now in so many styles and sizes that it’s quite painless. You can also hire a handyman to do a custom flower box for less than you may think. I’m awful with plants but I do my own twice a year and it’s a worthy investment to have fresh flowers and plants (boxwoods for me) as part of the design of your home.


Almost all of the homes I gravitate to have some sort of symmetry. My house had none so I added two garden urns with said boxwoods to flank my porch. Gardening tip: Boxwoods can last all year in planters and look great in winter too!



When you move in, notice the numbers and if you don’t like them, make it a priority to change them. More modern house numbers can visually make the house seem more up to date. There are lots of on-line resources too, so don’t just think Home Depot. www.houseproudsigns.com is a personal favorite.


If you have a generic or dated door handle, switch it out for something more modern or substantial. You can also re-plate most metals if you have something vintage and want to change it (think 80’s brass to more modern chrome). Al Bar Platers in Wilmette are experts at this (www.albarwilmette.com)


Yes this is big ticket, but the payoff of pulling into your house everyday and loving what you see is worth it. Plus it’s often an advantage in resale. I can personally say that I’ve done ALL these things to my house, and it’s finally my version of the best it can be. Originally creamy yellow with brown trim, we painted the house white, the trim charcoal, removed the screen door, re-plated the door hardware to polished nickel, added a modern door knocker and kick plate, new house numbers, shutters and a custom flower box.

(Sorry, I never got a ‘before’ shot so couldn’t use my own but here’s an example!)

Cushing Custom Homes, Inc.

So whether you’re house hunting or have simply been thinking about a change for years, know that you can re-style your exterior to completely change the look of your house!

Chicago Battles – Take a Side

Some of the greatest moments in our country’s history were born from conflict. Two distinct, warring sides, torn apart by conflicting viewpoints, separated simply by two letters and a period.  North vs. South. Roe vs. Wade. T-Swift vs. Kanye.

The city of Chicago is no different; there have been many great battles over the years, often violently dividing the city in ways that Madison or State street never could. This city’s honest, working class attitude will often explode into outright hostility when it comes to certain aspects of it’s culture, and remain neutral is not an option. We are not the Swiss.

So if you’re considering a relocation to the Windy City (which would be a fantastic decision on your part, if we do say so ourselves) you will be forced to choose your side. Just because you weren’t born and bred in the city, doesn’t mean you’re exempt. So buckle up Partner, and take a look at some of the epic debates that, on a daily basis, threaten to rattle the greatest city in the world to its core.

CUBS VS. WHITE SOX: 231 years of combined Major League Baseball history in Chicago, and yet, we still can’t get past this color issue. As in, Blue vs. Black. The city is divided between its “Southside Hitmen” and the “Lovable Losers” from the North. Ask your average Sox fan, and they’ll tell you that Cubs are privileged yuppie fanboys, who like the idea of baseball rather than the actual game. Question any passionate Cubbies fan, and they’ll tell you that Sox fans are deluded and wishy-washy, and can’t fill their soulless corporate-sponsored stadium on their best day.

But don’t take our word for it. Let a couple of true Chicagoans fuel the fire.

Thank you for that, Nick. That brings us to…

LOU MALNATI’S vs. GIORDANO’S: Business partnerships have been severed. Friendships laid to waste. Even otherwise solid marriages have been torn asunder, left to wither and die alone in a sea of garlic and cheese. The two pillars of the Chicago deep dish pizza foundation have been at odds (at least in the minds of locals) since the early ’70’s. Who has the better crust-to-cheese ratio? Who has fresher ingredients?

For a real laugh, walk up to anyone having this argument and simply shout, “UNO’S!!!” But step back first. Head’s may explode.

SEARS TOWER VS. WILLIS TOWER: Not from Chicago, originally? Well, a quick Google search will quickly reveal that these two structures are actually one and the same. The Sears Tower, once the tallest structure in the world (stupid Burj Khalifa), was built in 1973. When ownership of the property was turned over to Willis Group Holdings in 2009, it was re-christened simply ‘Willis Tower’.  But the majority of Chicagoans simply refuse to refer to it by it’s new moniker. In fact, shortly after the name change, 90,000 Chicago citizens joined in a digital movement to oppose it, and a petition to reverse the change piled up 50,000 signatures.

Sure, one might say this argument is more about rational vs. irrational.  But rational people are boring. Irrational people stay up late and party.

So if you are planning to join us here in the jewel of the Midwest, we welcome you, with open arms. Just start thinking now about where your loyalties lie.  Because, as the great Bertrand Russell once said, “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.

Illinois Athletes Carry the Torch

On Friday evening, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro began with a bang. The Opening Ceremonies dazzled with a menagerie of color, culture, and history (and a really long walk by Gisele).  For at least a few hours, the focus turned away from the economic turmoil and fear of disease that has dominated the headlines leading up to these Games, and centered on the athletes themselves. The pure joy and excitement on their faces at the opportunity to represent their respective countries reminded us all why these games are so important, in the end.

If you’re like us, you’ll be glued to your TV for the next two weeks (and probably sneaking peaks online throughout your workday) to keep up with all the fun, drama, and personality that the games provide. From the ever popular Gymnastics and Basketball, to the more obscure Trampoline and Synchronized Swimming, the United States is well represented, sending a record 554 athletes (262 men, 292 women) to compete in this year’s events. But if you for some reason need more incentive to follow the competition, just know that our fair state of Illinois is incredibly well represented by one of the largest groups of homegrown athletes at these games.

*Connor Dwyer – Photo Courtesy: David Farr, via Swimming World Magazine

IN THE POOL: Tune in to watch the Greatest Swimmer of All-Time, Michael Phelps, as he adds to his already record collection of Gold. But stay to cheer on the hometown boys and girls, as they do their best to make their teammates, their state, and their country beam with pride.

  • Conor Dwyer – Men’s 200m, 400m, and 800m freestyle relay – Born in Evanston, 2007 Loyola Academy grad
  • Kevin Courdes – Men’s 100m, 200m breaststroke – Born in Naperville, graduated Neuqua Valley in 2011
  • Olivia Smoliga – Women’s 100m backstroke – Born in Glenview, 2013 Glenbrook South grad
  • Ryan Held – Men’s 400m freestyle relay – Born in Springfield, 2014 Sacred Heart-Griffin grad
  • Ryan Murphy – Men’s 100m, 200m backstroke – Born in Palos Heights

*Kelsey Card – Photo Courtesy: David Stluka, via Wisconsin State Journal

ON THE TRACK: Will Usain Bolt continue his world domination in the 100/200m, or will the USA’s Justin Gatlin finally cross the finish line ahead of the ‘Fastest Man Alive’? That may be the headline of the 2016 Track & Field story, but make sure to follow these Illinois men and women as they look to steal the thunder on the biggest stage in the world.

  • Morolake Akinosun – Women’s 400m relay – Calls Aurora her hometown, 2012 Waubonsie Valley grad
  • Kelsey Card – Women’s Discus – Born in Plainview, 2011 Carlinville grad
  • Evan Jager – Men’s 3,000m steeplechase – Born in Algonquin and graduated from Harry D. Jacobs High School in 2007
  • Sandi Morris – Women’s pole vault – Born in Downer’s Grove
  • Zach Ziemek – Men’s decathlon – Born in Itasca, 2011 Lake Park grad

Monica and Jennifer Rokhman – Photo Courtesy The Northbrook Tower

RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT: An elegant, almost hypnotic event, Rhythmic Gymnastics may not immediately come to mind when putting together your 2016 Rio ‘Must See’ List. But it’s local connection is stronger than any other event in this year’s games. Young female athletes from all over the country move to the Chicagoland area with their parents to be near the North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, considered by many to be one of the top gymnastic centers in the world. This year’s entire US Team trained there; while most of the girls hail from all over the country, get ready to cheer loudest for twin sisters Monica & Jennifer Rokhman, born and raised right here in Northport.

For a full list of 2016 Olympic athletes born in or connected to the state of Illinois, check the Trib article HERE.

Back to School – How to Save Your Sanity

Do you hear that sound? As if someone turned on the world’s largest vacuum cleaner, and sucked all of the air right out of the room? That’s the sound of thousands of parents across the country, gasping in disbelief, as the first Target or Wal-Mart commercial comes on TV touting their ‘Back-to-School’ sales.

Summer is almost over – no need to panic! A little planning ahead goes a long way. Being prepared for the school year means more than just carpool schedules and school supplies. It’s about getting back to a routine that probably (and justifiably) went a little slack over the summer. By following these few simple steps, you can get rid yourself of your Summertime hangover, and get your family back on track to succeed come Fall.

Bring Back Bedtimes – The right amount of sleep is arguably the most important factor in your child’s scholastic success; studies show that school-age kids need between 8.5 and 9.5 hours a night. Chances are, the summer season brought with it a certain leniency toward bedtime, so turn off the TV, and put the Pokémon search on hold until the weekend. Get back on a steady schedule and keep it. Your reward for restoring a little law and order? A few extras Z’s yourself!

Prep Your Routine – If there’s one absolute certainty in family life, it’s that no day will ever go 100% according to plan. So always have a contingency. Plan packed lunches for the entire week, and avoid that mad morning scramble to stuff their lunchbox. Also, buy ingredients at the store for your easy, go-to recipes. That way, when school activities run long or evening homework proves tougher than expected, you can scrap the elaborate dinner plan and still make sure everyone is well fed.

Also, you can steal back a few minutes of sleep (and the fragile pieces of your sanity) in the morning by taking extra steps the night before. Set your breakfast table while clearing the dinner dishes. Lay out tomorrow’s clothes tonight, and make sure all books, homework assignments, and signed permission slips are tucked away in the right backpack.

Healthy Body & Mind – Making sure that your child is fully immunized at the proper age is not only important for keeping your own family healthy, it prevents outbreaks occurring at their school. To be certain your child is up to date, have them immunized after their 4th and 11th birthdays. Click the link on each number for a list of the specific shots necessary at that age.

Don’t forget to ensure your child’s mental health going into the school year as well. Setting a sleep schedule was a good start, but many children experience nervousness and stress as a result of new schools, new teachers, or new friends. It’s important to communicate with your kids about their feelings – consider introducing them to their new teachers and faculty ahead of time, to ease them in gently to their new environment.

You’ve got this! With a little forward thinking, you and your family will settle into a successful routine in no time.

That’s the *Chicago* Way’!


The grit and glamour of the Windy City have been well represented on the silver screen over the years.  From movies that take place in Chicago (His Girl Friday), to movies that were filmed in Chicago (The Dark Knight), to movies that are NAMED Chicago (um, well, Chicago) – Hollywood has a long, romantic history with our fair city by the lake.  

Everyone remembers the first time they watched Jake and Elwood outrun the cops by driving through a shopping mall.  They stared in shocked silence when the great Bobby DeNiro, as Al Capone, sent the head of one of his henchmen over the centerfield fence.  And if you can listen to the song ‘Danke Schoen’ all the way to the end without immediately breaking off a version of ‘Twist and Shout’?  Well, we’ll be perfectly honest.  We’re not sure that we can be friends.

But by the time the credits roll, which films emphatically prove that they are truly fluent in Chi-town?  For every masterpiece like The Fugitive, there’s a Poltergeist 3 lying around, stinking up the joint.  We take a look at three underrated gems that embrace the grime and the grandeur, and make the city we call home all the more epic.

Drinking Buddies

If you haven’t caught this indie gem, get ready to Netflix and ch…well, whatever it is you do while you Netflix.  A simple story of “Will They or Won’t They?”, Kate and Luke are best friends and co-workers – from frame one the viewer knows that they’re destined to become something more.  And – oh yeah – they work at Revolution Brewing.  They shoot pool at The Empty Bottle.  Heck, Kate even wears a Half Acre t-shirt throughout the flick.  While you won’t see a single shot of the Chicago skyline, you’ll feel right at home watching this quirky romantic comedy.

The Weatherman

Remember when Nicolas Cage was pluperfectly awesome in absolutely everything?  You know, before Ghost Rider?  Here he plays David Spritz, a Chicago weatherman who is experiencing something of a rut in life.  Cage is magnificent in his melancholy, but for a local, the beauty of the film is just how well director Gore Verbinski showcases Chicago in winter.  From ice skating in Millennium Park to the eerily beautiful shades of grey in the skies over Wicker Park, The Weather Man is a visual love letter to our illustrious city.

High Fidelity

Not exactly a blockbuster upon it’s release, this Jon Cusack-led dramedy later gained a big following on DVD, thanks in large part to its eclectic cast and fantastically sharp script.  Adapted from Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name, co-producer Cusack (who grew up in Evanston) moved the story’s setting from London to Chicago – a location perfect for a tale of broken relationships and the awesome soundtracks they inspire.  Full of local venue shout-outs (the Schubas poster in the protagonist’s apartment), and homegrown artist name-dropping (a chalkboard sign boats a Veruca Salt/Urge Overkill double bill), local color permeates every frame.  It is quite possibly, the quintessential Chicago movie.

50 Shades of (Anything But) Grey

Kelly Hurliman, former fashion stylist to Oprah Winfrey, now a professional interior stylist located in Chicago. 

Don’t Paint First

Does this sound familiar?  You just bought a house in need of updating, so your first instinct is to break out the fan deck.  Try to resist! Painting should actually come last in the design process.  Unless you already know the furniture, rug, fabric, pillows, and artwork that’s going in the room – it’s best to wait.  That way you’re not forced to coordinate pieces around the color.  Once you have all the room’s elements chosen, it’s much easier to pick the right shade.  You want a newly designed room to look intentional and well thought out.  This will help! 


Use Sample Pots

It’s worth it to test the actual color either on the wall, or on a large square of poster board that you can easily move.  Apply two coats and test it on different areas of the room, as the color will alter depending on the light. Check it at different times of day to make sure you like it as much in natural vs. artificial light.


Have Fun in Powder and Dining Rooms 

While it does make sense to play it safe in your main living areas, there are some rooms where it can pay to go bold.  Dining rooms, hallways, and powder rooms are usually smaller, easier to change, and provide an opportunity to be playful.  If a room isn’t used much I say go for high style and make an impact!

Photo by Andrea Schumacher Interiors                                          Photo by Melanie Elston Interiors                 

For Soft and Relaxing, Go Lighter than you Think

One mistake I often see is not going light enough when you want a hint of color.  Think of nurseries where the pink becomes extreme bubblegum.  A paint chip of light pink gets dark very fast when applied to the whole room.  I’ve made this mistake myself when I wanted my living room to be the perfect hint of lavender.  Even a sample pot couldn’t stop this train from looking like a 7-year-old girl’s bedroom.  I knew I was going to repaint the minute I saw it done.  Lesson learned, and now it is the perfect ‘adult’ shade of lavender blush.  


Photo by David Kleinberg Design Associates


The Case Against Grey 

I love grey – always have.  I recently went to a trend forecasting discussion however, and confirmed it: the industry’s moving away from grey.  So if you just bought a house or are looking to design a new room think outside of grey!  Look to Pinterest for inspiration and don’t be afraid to be different.  AND if you have grey rooms, don’t worry.  My own family room?  Benjamin Moore Nimbus 1465.  

It was also chosen 4 years ago, though – looking ahead, I’m trying to steer clients away from grey.  One because it’s EVERYWHERE, and why have a room or kitchen that looks like everyone else’s?  And two because it will have more staying power.  The best thing about paint?  It’s has potential for big impact, while also being easy to change.  My charcoal dining room became black in a day and I just had to change out some decor and art!

 Kelly Hurliman Design

Check the links below to see more of Kelly’s style!

Kelly’s Top 5 Rules for Styling Your House Like a Pro

Kelly Hurliman, former fashion stylist to Oprah Winfrey, now a professional interior stylist located in Chicago.  

1. Learn to EDIT

If there’s one thing most designers will tell you to do, it’s edit your home. That means everything from removing the clutter to taking things off the shelves that you don’t love. You will almost always yield a better result with fewer, yet higher-quality pieces. And for decorative bookcases that don’t serve a function?  Be creative!  Style them purposefully with pieces that make you happy and go for a clean, curated look.  More to come on this topic in future posts!


Design by Marie Flanigan Interiors


A vignette around a family portrait by my 5 yr old son. 


2. Keep (A Few) of Your Best Family Photos on the 1st Floor 

We all love our children and family, but if you want a polished look, too many pictures in various unmatched frames is not the way to go. Focus on a few of your best shots – I gravitate more towards candid photos rather than posed – and place them in coordinating (same style) or matching frames. Group them together in a specific area so they create an interesting vignette and focal point.  Place the rest upstairs or store in photo books.  I guarantee it will give you a more stylized look.


Simple black and white shots.


Photo by This is Glamorous 


3. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Something Old 

Last year on a home tour I remember walking into a beautiful ‘modern Victorian’ home and noticing there wasn’t one vintage or antique piece in the entire house.  Old things have soul – not to mention they were often made better.  Quality and age brings character.  Old books, vintage chairs and light fixtures; these pieces are often more unique and sometimes even less expensive than buying new.  It may take a bit of finesse shopping but it’s worth the extra time in my book.  CraigslistChairish, eBay, and local resources like Megmade.com are great places to start. But if you’re like me and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, hit the flea markets and estate sales!


A unique MCM (mid-century modern) and customizable piece from MegMade


Vintage lighting at the Golden Triangle in Chicago. 


4. Buy REAL Art 

One of the biggest challenges I hear from people wanting a finished look is where to buy artwork.  Finding that perfect piece, something that you (and your spouse) love, that’s also affordable?  Not an easy task. Personally, I’d rather wait and find it over time rather than buying something just to hang on the wall.

Etsy is great for affordable, original art.  Narrow down your search by entering words like ‘original oil painting – print’.  This should take away anything that isn’t original.  You can also sort by color and price.  Photography is another great option.  Print large, black and white photos of your own shots – Mpix.com is a great resource for printing.  Serena and Lily also have an original art section that’s very curated.  And if you need something quick and inexpensive, take a child’s artwork and place it in an oversized, clean white Target frame for instant (and EXTREMELY rare) original art.


Black and white photography found on www.mydomaine.com


An original art piece I recently created for a client, acrylic on wood board. 


5. Don’t Let the Kids Take Over the House

Let’s remember who’s paying the bills around here! I’m a firm believer that toys don’t belong in every room.  Editing and a little creative storage can simplify the cleanup process and make it possible to live in a stylized space with little ones.

I’ve had friends ask, “How can you have a 3-year-old AND a glass bar cart in the dining room?”  Truth is, after kids explore something they shouldn’t touch a couple times they usually forget it’s there.  It’s ok to have some areas where the kids aren’t allowed to play, so keep toys in the basement or have a designated area in the family room.  Let them help clean up at the end of the day – it’s hard to feel good about your space if it’s cluttered with toys.  Trust me, the words ‘no TV or iPad time before your toys are picked up’ are very powerful!


May We Introduce: Kelly Hurliman, Interior Stylist

Named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists, Kelly Hurliman has spent the past 17 years in the fashion industry, serving for over a decade as the personal stylist to Chicago’s own Oprah Winfrey.  She has styled thousands of looks for Ms. Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in addition to her work being featured in numerous magazines and editorials. 

Having recently moved back to her home town of Western Springs, she is now using that design expertise to pursue her long standing passion for interior design.  Currently honing her skills in the Chicago office of Nate Berkus and Associates, she also focuses on her own solo projects, where she marries her love of both vintage and modern design with high/low styling.  Her eye for natural beauty, combined with her down-to-earth sensibility give her a fresh and exciting new voice in the design community.

 What is an interior stylist?

These days you need only a quick computer search to uncover an endless array of cool, interior images.  But actually getting your house to look like those images?  Never quite as easy.  You might want some direction, but you’re not ready to enlist a full-on Interior Designer.  Enter an Interior Stylist

While they might not be ready to knock down walls and relocate your kitchen (though some certainly can), an Interior Stylist can edit and add the right pieces, change an awkward furniture layout, or find the perfect art and window treatments to make a room come together.  It’s all about having an Editorial Eye; a stylist can see the way a room can look within the context of a homeowner’s personality, and then elevate it into the best version of itself. 

For me it’s all about the ‘mix’.  Today’s aesthetic isn’t about one style of design, but rather a blend of different periods and different styles – old and new, modern and classic.  It’s very similar to how I approach fashion.  Of course I’d love to wear all designer clothes, but I said I worked for Oprah – I didn’t say I was Oprah!  I’m all about wearing H&M jeans with a top from J. Crew, and then splurging on the Valentino flats to wear with multiple looks. 

Great interiors are very similar.  Maybe you splurge on a great couch or rug because they are foundation pieces.  But then you recover your grandmother’s chairs, or find a vintage console on Craigslist.  You do custom pillows instead of West Elm, and seek out great books and antique accessories from eBay or the flea markets to mix with new pieces from Jayson Home.


The mix is what gives a house its personality and soul, and in these times of mass everything, ‘one-of-a-kind’ and ‘rare’ will be what we crave in the future.  Often times I’ve seen people drop a ton of money on their home, but then not invest in having a professional help with the interior.  It’s a skill to make that mix come together and (to me) completely worth the investment to collaborate with someone who can truly understand how you want your home to look and feel.  


See the link to Kelly’s website below. 




A Special Thanks


On April 26th, d’aprile properties was pleased to present Walker’s Charhouse and owner Bryan Werschulz with a commemorative plaque, in recognition of their generous support for the Business After Hours event held at d’aprile’s Naperville office location in March.  The event was featured in a release for the Naperville Sun, which can be seen HERE.

As d’aprile is a new member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce, our goal was to organize an event that would bring together local Chamber members to network and build relationships with area business owners.  Walker’s Charhouse provided a spectacular array of appetizers, salads, and cheese plates for the more than 100 guests in attendance on this special evening.

Located at 8 W. Gartner Road in the heart of Naperville, Walker’s Charhouse features hand carved, 100% Black Angus steaks, fresh fish, and mouthwatering burgers.  More than just an award-winning menu, Walker’s prides itself on being a community institution, providing high quality dining experiences at an affordable price since 1994. 

In 2015, d’aprile properties opened the Naperville location at 236 S. Washington Street and have since doubled our business, rapidly establishing ourselves as a staple within the community.  With offices spread throughout Chicagoland, Wisconsin, and Indiana, d’aprile is already one of the fastest growing private companies in the Midwest, with even more locations slated to open over the next two years.