Spring Has Sprung


“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder


It’s finally here! The spring season is upon us. The gray gloom of winter has been cast aside, as the flowers begin to bloom and the sun lingers a little longer in the sky. The power of change is never more evident than at the onset of the spring.

The desire to make changes is all in your mindset. When you really think about it, New Year’s Day arrives at a rather unfortunate season for those of us sitting west of the Prime Meridian! In January, all we want to do is start over, to break out of our post-holiday doldrums. Unfortunately, committing to a change in lifestyle is so much harder when faced with bad roads, sub-zero temperatures, and two feet of snow.


That’s why we can be forgiven for our almost mad obsession with April’s approach, and its promise of warm weather walks and late bedtimes. Of course, in the real estate industry, spring makes up the beating heart of our season, when those looking to buy or sell their homes are poised and ready for their own dramatic transition.

Lucky for you, d’aprile properties agents began ramping up their own efforts long before the ice melted! Our dedicated team members have spent months studying the market, and fine-tuning their marketing plans for success right out of the gate. If 2019 is going to be your year, get in touch with your d’aprile properties agent now – they’re poised and ready to help you realize all of your real estate dreams!


Let Us Give Thanks


Can someone tell us where 2018 went?

It seems only yesterday that we were gearing up for the spring real estate market. Now all of a sudden, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Your neighborhood is likely awash in twinkling colored lights, and we’ve already survived winter’s first blizzard. The year is hurtling toward its grand finale; before long we’ll be raising a glass at midnight, singing a song whose lyrics we can never quite remember, and thinking about how we can better ourselves in 2019.

It’s true that the holiday season is best spent in the moment, surrounded by friends, family, and those whose company you crave most. But many of us, quite naturally, spend this twelfth month looking to the future. After all, a new year means a new beginning, and it’s hard not to gaze off toward the horizon, imagining everything that could be.



But before we begin wrapping presents or jotting down our resolutions, we at d’aprile properties wanted to take a moment to look back on a year that began with so much hope and promise, and will come to an end as one of the best in our history. For the fourth year running, we added to our tremendous growth. Our leaders joined the ranks of ‘Who’s Whoin Chicago. And we made some noise when the Tribune named us as a company that people wanted to be a part of.

But most importantly, we had the privilege of helping amazing new clients (and some wonderfully loyal return customers) realize their real estate dreams. These individuals and their families are the backbone of our business, people that we aim to turn into lifelong customers. You are the ones who allow us to do what we do, and make it possible to do what we love.



So here, at year’s end, we wanted to take the time to say thanks to each and every one of you. We are so very grateful for your business, and we are honored to serve those you refer our way. We provide real estate services. You provide us with your trust, your honesty, and your faith. Without you, and the confidence you place in our vision, we couldn’t realize our own dreams.

So if we have partnered together in the past, know that we are always here for you, no matter what you need. And if we haven’t yet met, we hope that you stop in, and see what we’re all about. Until then, take the time today to join us in looking forward to a new year, and a fresh start. Because the most amazing thing about time is that it cannot be wasted in advance. The next hour, the following day, and the year to come belong to those who act with purpose. Who find meaning in what they do, and always strive to live in the moment.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has to offer. To You and Yours from Us and Ours, may the holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter.