ARRR You Ready for a Move?

Sometimes you just need to have a little fun.

Actually, the need for the healing power of random, silly fun was the driving force behind the creation of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which is today, September 19. Enjoy.

What? You’ve never heard of it? For shame! Where ‘ave you been, ye landlubber?

Actually, you probably aren’t alone. There is a long and lush tale about how the day actually came to be, but we’ll try and summarize: back in 1995, two self-proclaimed non-athletes, John Baur (aka Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (aka Cap’n Slappy) were playing racquetball. Quite poorly, they would add.

And when an errant shot caused one of them to crash into the wall with a resounding, “ARRR!” the idea for Talk Like a Pirate Day was born. Well, actually, it would actually take almost seven years, and the improbable assistance of renowned author, nationally syndicated columnist, and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Dave Barry — but the day would be made official in 2002.

With so much doom and gloom hovering over the news these days, sometimes a little random silliness can be just what the doctor ordered. And while we are all about providing the highest level of real estate service here at d’aprile properties, we also can’t pass up on the chance at some good-hearted fun. So in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we’d like to tell you why now is a great time to buy a home:

AHOY! At d’aprile properties, our agents be fully committed to providin’ each an’ every matey (client) with a singularrr full-service real estate experience. An’ there be no better time to be lookin’ fer a new ‘ome than in fall! Our ship is chock full o’ Seadogs, experienced capn’s who will steer your ship toward the horizon, straight ta home ownership! All ye ‘ave to do be give us a call. We’ll be both yer trusted mate, an’ yer guide to wherever yer real estate dreams take ye.

Carving Out Some Fun

Can you believe it? Fall is almost here, and Halloween looms on the horizon. It’s time to start thinking about costumes and decorations. And no fall season would be complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Keep the following in mind when searching for the perfect pumpkin or the most gorgeous gourd:

CHECK THE STEM: The texture and color of your pumpkin’s stem will tell its story. A soft or loose stem is a clue that the pumpkin could be prone to rotting. A green stem means the pumpkin has been freshly picked, but a tan or brown stems mean the pumpkin was harvested at least a few days ago.

SPOTS ARE BAD, M’KAY?: Soft spots on your pumpkin? Not good news. This may be a result of excess moisture or insects getting into the pumpkin, causing rot or mold. The more moisture and rot, the less time that pumpkin will look fresh on your front stoop.

ROLL WITH IT: We all know that pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you check to see if yours will stand up throughout the season? Lay it gently on a flat surface, and check for the roll. A good, flat-bottomed pumpkin will stay in place, both in the patch and on your porch.

Happy Hunting! Check the list below for some of the best public pumpkin patches in the area!

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm & Apple Orchard —  Pingree Grove

Sonny Acres Farm — West Chicago

Didier Farms — Lincolnshire

Konow’s Corn Maze — Homer Glen

Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm — Lockport

Make the Most of Your Mantle

Kelly Hurliman, former fashion stylist to Oprah Winfrey, now a professional interior stylist located in Chicago.

I love Christmas, but when it comes to decorating for the season I tend to think more winter over traditional holiday. It has longer staying power than the typical red & green. I also like when seasonal decor fits with the feel of the house. So when asked to work with the same neutral fireplace, I wanted to give some simple ideas on styling a mantle that can last beyond the 25th!

-Layering white and cream can go with any palette and has a clean look that doesn’t scream holiday.

-Fresh greens are inexpensive, and worth it not to have to bring anything fake inside. Plus nothing beats the scent!

-Changing the focal point will give your mantle design an instant new look.

-Art can be easily changed out for the seasons. What’s on your mantle doesn’t need to stay stagnant- change it out to give your room a new feel.

-If color is your thing, pinks are a nice alternative to traditional red!

-I love vintage wire brush trees and now you can find them anywhere. Layer with frosted pine cones and fresh greens for a simple mantle design.

-A mix of metallic, creams, stone, and white give off a wintery feel that will last until spring.

Happy holidays, and happy decorating!


If you’d like to work with Kelly. find her at her website, Instagram, or Facebook link below.