Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Welcome to our Mortgage Minute series, where our partners over at Midwest Lending break down the particulars of home financing, and bring a personal touch to the lending industry, as only they can.

You’ve found the perfect home, and are looking to settle in what looks like the quaintest community this side of Mayberry. Your future neighbors wave as you pull in the driveway. The house is mere blocks from a great school that the kids can walk to. And the property taxes! So low you can afford to take an extra weekend vacation this year!

Thus represents the average amount of research that most new homeowners put into their potential new ‘hood. You think about the kids, you think about your wallet. But there is so much more to your community than good schools and friendly neighbors. The area you live in needs to be as perfect a fit for your family as the four walls that surround them while they sleep at night. After all, your home more than just the property you live in; it’s a collection of the people and the personalities that make up your entire neck of the woods.

So what else should you be looking at? How do you find the facts you need to settle on the right area for you and your family? Think of it like playing a game of Monopoly: you’ve chosen the Thimble piece, got your cash in order, and picked up the dice. It’s time to take a look at the rest of the board. And you can do it without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go: No matter how nice a given area looks, crime can be lurking just around the corner. A fairly quick search on sites like crimereports.com or spotcrime.com can give you all you need to know about violent crime statistics in the area, and offer access to police blotter aggregators. Heck, a “Google Street View” sneak peek can give you a quick glance at the feel of the block. But if you really want to feel safe about your future neighborhood, reach out to the local police department and ask them for a crime report — they’ll be happy to oblige.

Pennsylvania Railroad: The kids might have a short walk to school, but did you think about your work commute? What about your proximity to the freeway, or your nearest hospital? Quiet, peaceful neighborhoods tend to be located in slightly more isolated areas, which often reduces the amount of public transportation options. Make sure that you have ease of access to all of the activities that make up your life, from your office to Home Depot. A little time spent on sites like walkscore.com could go a long way towards making every day life accessible to you and your family.

Community Chest: Last but not least, what about the culture that makes up your new ‘burb? Does the neighborhood value diversity and take pride in its local businesses? Are you going to be overrun by baby strollers, or kept up at night by singles looking to party till dawn? Research income, racial diversity, age, and relationship status stats on sites like city-data.com. Your lifestyle is an important part of the place you call home; make sure that you and your family FEEL like a part of the community.

Of course, your d’aprile properties local area expert can help you find the perfect place to settle. But by taking the time to do a little homework upfront, you’ll know ahead of time exactly what you’re looking for in a community.  

It’ll be better than winning 2nd Prize in a Beauty Contest…

Proud Partners – United Wholesale Mortgage

We’d like to take the time to thank United Wholesale Mortgage, our partner, and 2019 Summit Event Sponsor.

What does it take to be #1? For United Wholesale Mortgage, it’s simple: consistency. Consistency through constant and thorough communication. A continuous dedication to providing the best mortgage products the industry has to offer, on the most advanced technological platforms available. Most importantly, an unwavering dedication to providing the highest level of customer service, each and every day, to each and every client.

UWM’s desire to place relationships before transactions has made it one of the fastest-growing wholesale lenders in the United States. For more than 30 years, they have set the standard for client support, cutting-edge technology, and the fastest turn times in the industry. It’s easy to see why they are the #1 wholesale lender in the nation*.


*Statistic provided by prnewswire.com



Hey Gen Y — Why So Serious??

Welcome to our Mortgage Minute series, where our partners over at Midwest Lending break down the particulars of home financing, and bring a personal touch to the lending industry, as only they can.

Did you know that the Millennial generation represents the largest group of homebuyers in America? It’s true: Gen Y makes for 37% of recent home buyers in this country. Gen X is next, albeit significantly behind at 24%. In fact, according to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, 2019 will be the sixth consecutive year that millennials led the U.S. home buying charge.

So why are millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) often criticized for living too long with their parents, or only being interested in renting, when the statistics clearly paint a different picture?

The source of this unfair reputation may be answered through the results of another report, this one by Clever Real Estate. It seems that millennials are twice as likely to be stressed about homeownership than Baby Boomers, and are also much more likely to experience buyer’s remorse than older generations. This uncertainty toward ownership is sending adult children back to their parents’ homes, either out of necessity or an attempt to save money.

So what is causing this panic and confusion? The NAR stats mentioned earlier point to the following as some of the most serious millennial concerns:

  • Mortgage payments are too high (41%)
  • Additional maintenance after moving in (33%)
  • Their property has depreciated in value since purchase (21%)
  • High interest rates (17%)
  • Location isn’t ideal or poor quality of school districts (14%)

Other outside factors, from student loans to financial instability, only add to the anxiety. For some, the responsibilities of homeownership are simply a bit more than they bargained for. But for this particular generation — and those that will follow — it is important to keep things in proper perspective. Yes, the stress that comes with buying a home is very real, and millennials should not overextend themselves to make a home purchase. But they should not fear the possibility, if properly educated on the process.

Many buyers today never speak with a real person when it comes to home financing, preferring to handle everything online. This can only result in a less educated home buyer, and an even less confident home owner. They need to speak with someone who has the expertise and the integrity to show them the reality that comes after being handed a set of keys. That is why speaking with an expert such as your Midwest Lending mortgage pro is so essential.

Millennials shouldn’t fear home buying — for those who are stable in their careers and ready to set down roots, homeownership can be the key to emotional and financial security later in life. They simply need to take the time to know what they are getting into, with a devoted professional by their side.

Midwest Lending is a residential mortgage broker, committed to providing their clients with the highest quality home loans, combined with some of the lowest mortgage rates available. 







We’re Midwest Lending and We Pre-Approve this Message

**Midwest Lending is an independently owned residential mortgage broker, serving Illinois and Indiana. Senior Loan Officer James Madejczyk is the Director of Sales for Midwest Lending Corporation, with over 16 years in the industry.

When is the right time to get a pre-approval?

No matter whether you’re looking to buy a home now, or several months down the road – the answer is: ASAP. The idea is to make sure you are comfortable with the particulars involved as you BEGIN your search. By getting pre-approved before you start looking at homes, you give yourself time to take any financial steps necessary to put yourself in the best possible position to make an offer.

What is the main reason for getting a pre-approval?

There are two. The first is easy – knowledge. The decision to buy a home is one of the most important you will make in your lifetime, and there is a lot of information out there to digest. What will your monthly payment look like? How much cash will be needed upfront? The sooner you start this process with a mortgage professional, the more prepared you will find yourself. Plus, you will now have a partner on your side, ready with answers for any questions that come along the way.

The second reason comes when you’re ready to make that offer on a property. Having a pre-approval gives the seller confidence that you have taken the proper steps and are financially qualified to buy their home. Think of it like a resume for a new job, only instead of your work qualifications, you’re proving your financial responsibility. 

What type of costs are involved with getting a pre-approval?

It should come to a grand total of $0. If you’re being asked for money at time of pre-approval, find someone else. Most lenders will provide the service free of charge – and keep in mind that you are not obligated to work with the lender who pre-approves you. You may ultimately choose to work with them, but if and only if they help you make an informed decision and offer terms that fit your needs.

When is the right time to shop for my final lender? 

This is best done when you are at, or near, going into contract. You can compare terms of a few different lenders and make sure you are in the best position possible.

So how do I choose?

By being selfish! Make sure you find someone who will act in YOUR best interest. Ask any and all questions, and pay particular attention to how they are answered. Your mortgage professional’s dedication to providing you the all the details you need to make an informed purchase decision will make your choice for you.


A Better Experience, for Everyone



James Christopher Madejczyk
Director of Sales, Senior Loan Originator

Never Too Late for the American Dream

When you meet the unassuming and uniquely awesome Ms. Diane Mowrer, you can’t help but be pulled in by her enthusiastic spirit. An avid cook, decorator, and self-proclaimed ‘neat freak’, her personality and sense of humor crackle with energy. She constantly wears a broad, genuine smile and is quick with a joke – even if it’s directed at herself.

A former executive assistant with Chase Bank, this mother of five is a DIY-kind of girl. Spontaneous and creative, she prefers tackling remodeling projects head-on, and getting her own hands dirty. Having recently become a homeowner for the very first time on her own, she now has the opportunity to begin a new chapter in her life, on her terms.

All at the tender young age of 79. (Don’t worry, she gave us permission to tell!)

For 25 years, Diane had been renting an apartment in the Western Suburbs. She labored up and down flights of stairs daily, and had no choice but to constantly clear snow from her uncovered car come winter. But perhaps the biggest burden to bear was the lack of opportunity to turn her living space into a real home, forced to stare at drab paint colors and dated fixtures chosen by someone other than herself. Creativity needs a canvas, after all.

Diane hadn’t been actively looking to move, but like so many others she often passed time looking at properties online with a curious eye and an open mind. One day she realized a condo that had previously caught her attention had come back on the market in Lombard. As luck would have it, her granddaughter Sara Press just happened to be a highly-skilled d’aprile properties real estate agent, so after breakfast one morning in the area, Diane asked if Sara could show her the property. Before they left, she was ready to make an offer on what would soon become her new home.

Sara guided her through every step of the home buying process, and even brought in a little help from Erin Stojakovic – a mortgage professional with our good friends over at Midwest Lending. That’s how on August 8th – just a couple of months shy of her 79th birthday – Diane found herself sitting at the closing table, being handed the keys to her very own home.

After almost eight decades, you would think she took some time to relax, and savor the moment. But no, not when there was so much she could do, without anyone’s permission but her own! Walls and cabinets were soon painted, countertops and carpeting were replaced. And a stand-alone cupboard will be custom built for the kitchen, after she drops the ceiling and installs canned lighting. But reluctantly, she admits that these can wait until after the holidays. She has cookies to bake, after all. And she already knows where she’s putting her tree.

Diane once lived paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. But with patience and some strategic saving, she realized that homeownership was well within her reach. When asked if she had any advice for other seniors looking to start over, she simply said, “Never give up. With the right people beside you, it’s easier than you think.”

If only all of use could be so positive, so young at heart. Thank you Diane, for letting d’aprile properties be part of your story. It has many more chapters to come.

A New Place to Call Home – Crystal Lake, IL!

At d’aprile properties, we know that our clients appreciate the value of local market expertise, and every d’aprile properties agent combines empathy and experience in order to exceed the expectations of our customers. We’ve established lasting relationships with a wide variety of clients, with every manner of home want and need.

Which means we’ve seen a little bit of everything. So when we began scouting sites for our newest office location, it only made sense to establish our roots in a place that offers a little something for everyone.

That’s why we chose Crystal Lake, Illinois; a spirited community of color, character, and culture. Because home isn’t always where you came from. Sometimes, you can find it in a place where you simply feel like you belong.

The longstanding motto of Crystal Lake is “A Good Place to Live,” and it’s no secret where that moniker comes from!  Over 40,000 residents enjoy a wealth of amenities, from a wide variety of dining and shopping options, to a Park District that boasts more than 1,600 acres of parks and open space – all surrounding the 230–acre lake that provides the city its name.  The area retains its small-town charm and hospitality, despite being only a short 50 miles northwest of Chicago.

The sparkling gem of Crystal Lake remains the Three Oaks Recreational Area.  Feed your thirst for adventure by taking advantage of its pristine beaches, hiking trails, boating options, and scuba diving adventures.  

Photo Credit: www.crystallake.org

But if you’re craving a more intimate night out, our bustling and historic downtown area is thriving with an array of independent shops and restaurants. Featuring two of the best public school systems in the region, high-quality municipal services, and one of the lowest tax rates in the area, it is easy to see why so many Chicagoland residents have decided to make Crystal Lake their home!

d’aprile properties is committed to providing an inventive and action-oriented environment for our team of agents, one that allows individuals with true focus and ambition to thrive and succeed from their very first day. Our agents routinely rank among the top producers in each of our individual markets, and consistently outpace industry income. We’re looking to bring this same culture of success to Crystal Lake. If you’re interested in joining our team, visit our website, and come discover what makes d’aprile different!


A Day On the Links


Sometimes, after a hard day’s work, a little time out of the office is the cure for what ails ya! On September 25, d’aprile properties was once again excited to join our friends at Midwest Lending, who sponsored our annual Golf Outing! Agents, Loan Officers, and Support Team members got together for a day on the links at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton, IL.


d’aprile properties and Midwest Lending are close partners in the real estate market, and the camaraderie was even more intense on the course! A shotgun-style tournament was held, and 4-person teams had a blast taking part in a little healthy competition.

The sun was shining, the smiles were bright, and the backswings (for the most part) were true. A great time was had by all, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event! Thanks again Midwest Lending!