Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

Welcome to our Mortgage Minute series, where our partners over at Midwest Lending break down the particulars of home financing, and bring a personal touch to the lending industry, as only they can.

You’ve found the perfect home, and are looking to settle in what looks like the quaintest community this side of Mayberry. Your future neighbors wave as you pull in the driveway. The house is mere blocks from a great school that the kids can walk to. And the property taxes! So low you can afford to take an extra weekend vacation this year!

Thus represents the average amount of research that most new homeowners put into their potential new ‘hood. You think about the kids, you think about your wallet. But there is so much more to your community than good schools and friendly neighbors. The area you live in needs to be as perfect a fit for your family as the four walls that surround them while they sleep at night. After all, your home more than just the property you live in; it’s a collection of the people and the personalities that make up your entire neck of the woods.

So what else should you be looking at? How do you find the facts you need to settle on the right area for you and your family? Think of it like playing a game of Monopoly: you’ve chosen the Thimble piece, got your cash in order, and picked up the dice. It’s time to take a look at the rest of the board. And you can do it without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go: No matter how nice a given area looks, crime can be lurking just around the corner. A fairly quick search on sites like crimereports.com or spotcrime.com can give you all you need to know about violent crime statistics in the area, and offer access to police blotter aggregators. Heck, a “Google Street View” sneak peek can give you a quick glance at the feel of the block. But if you really want to feel safe about your future neighborhood, reach out to the local police department and ask them for a crime report — they’ll be happy to oblige.

Pennsylvania Railroad: The kids might have a short walk to school, but did you think about your work commute? What about your proximity to the freeway, or your nearest hospital? Quiet, peaceful neighborhoods tend to be located in slightly more isolated areas, which often reduces the amount of public transportation options. Make sure that you have ease of access to all of the activities that make up your life, from your office to Home Depot. A little time spent on sites like walkscore.com could go a long way towards making every day life accessible to you and your family.

Community Chest: Last but not least, what about the culture that makes up your new ‘burb? Does the neighborhood value diversity and take pride in its local businesses? Are you going to be overrun by baby strollers, or kept up at night by singles looking to party till dawn? Research income, racial diversity, age, and relationship status stats on sites like city-data.com. Your lifestyle is an important part of the place you call home; make sure that you and your family FEEL like a part of the community.

Of course, your d’aprile properties local area expert can help you find the perfect place to settle. But by taking the time to do a little homework upfront, you’ll know ahead of time exactly what you’re looking for in a community.  

It’ll be better than winning 2nd Prize in a Beauty Contest…

More Than an Agent – Loreal Urso

At d’aprile properties, our team members are a reflection of the communities we serve. Yes they are real estate agents, but they’re also husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. They are local area experts, because they have a personal investment in the neighborhoods that we call home. 
That’s why we’ve created ‘More Than an Agent’, a series that highlights members of the d’aprile family who serve our communities outside the world of real estate. This week, we’d like you to meet:

Loreal Urso: Real Estate Agent and Professional Horse Trainer

If there is one thing that gives Loreal Urso a great sense of pride, it is her ability to balance her passions in life. Professionally, she is a full-time licensed real estate agent, and a proud member of d’aprile properties. Personally, she has been a professional horse trainer for well over 20 years.



As an agent, she loves to empower her clients by educating them on the real estate process, fully preparing them for one of the biggest decisions of their lives.
But when she takes off her agent hat, she enjoys nothing more than to slip into a saddle. Here she educates as well, preparing some of her customers for competition at local and national levels. But what she really loves is helping people simply enjoy their beloved senior horse as a member of the family, making the most of their time together. And finally, it provides her with another life experience to share with her beautiful daughter, Arianna.


In both arenas, Loreal has managed to build and maintain relationships, some for as long as 20 years. Her trusted clients become trusted friends, in part because they trust her to always look out for their best interests. “My secret lies in building honest and trustworthy relationships, and keeping sacred the values those relationships are built on.”




Mobile Phone: (847) 814-2113








Cutting the Ribbon!

They say that you can BE a good neighbor only if you HAVE good neighbors.  

On Wednesday May 31st, d’aprile properties celebrated the Grand Opening of its newest office location in downtown Park Ridge, IL.  Mayor Marty Maloney was on hand to conduct the ribbon-cutting ceremony, sponsored by the Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce.  Our agents and staff joined together for a toast, as local business owners, vendors, and residents stopped by to officially welcome us to the neighborhood.


This city has shown us nothing but kindness and generosity since we began construction.  We couldn’t be more proud or excited to be a part of this Uptown community, and we look to continue to bring our unique culture and work ethic to the local real estate market.

On behalf of each and every one of our agents, as well as our founder and Co-CEO Ryan D’Aprile, we would like to personally thank the citizens of Park Ridge for their incredible hospitality.  We look forward to making you proud.

So if you’re looking to buy or sell – or if you’d just like to see what we’re all about – we’d love for you to stop by and see us at 145 S. Vine Avenue!  It’s time to find out what makes d’aprile different.