GET OFF MY LAWN!! How Millennials are Modernizing Real Estate

Millennial Homebuyers

In the world of real estate, we belong to an industry that is constantly evolving.  What was important to an average buyer or seller just a few years ago may not apply today, as society finds itself riding an ever-changing tide of style and opinion.  Young professionals, some right out of college, are transitioning into first-time homebuyers faster than ever, and bring with them a new perspective on how to research, interact, and review the real estate professionals they choose to do business with.

Largely referred to as ‘Millennials’ (or Generation Y), this group is considered to be made up of individuals born anywhere from the 1980s to the early 2000s.  Most have spent almost their entire lives with a computer in the palm of their hand, and studies show that more than 50 percent search for homes on their phones, through the use of apps such as Zillow or Dwellr. 

Conversely, according to a recent NAR study, the average age of a real estate agent in the United States is 57 years old.  This would suggest that there is a fairly significant age difference between client and broker across the country – one which could potentially cause parties standing on different sides of a generational gap to lose sight of one another. 

At d’aprile properties, we know that the constant modernization of our own business is essential to success.  Whether that is as simple as ditching a phone conversation in lieu of an update via text, integrating social media into our communication and marketing plans, or by leveraging real estate apps and embracing online technology to deliver a seamless and paperless service delivery – our agents can meet the needs and desires of every generation.